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The hair sector has always been a source of inspiration and originality, becoming an expression of technical and creative mastery. Cuts, colours, textures, shades and hairstyles express the uniqueness of those who wear them and those who create them.
During the last edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, on the On Hair stage, 18 selected artistic teams brought the latest trends in haircuts, colour and the most innovative hairstyling techniques to the catwalk with spectacular and evocative shows presented to operators at the event. The trends that emerged on the On Hair stage will be the stars of the most popular looks in salons in the coming months, but they also reflect an increasing focus on social and topical issues. 


Non-conformism, irreverent cuts and 70s and 90s influences. The new trends that emerged on the On Hair stage play with vintage styles and fashions, revisiting them in a contemporary key for cheeky looks with significant visual impact.

In his "Illusion Show" created in collaboration with Alfaparf Milano Professional, Lorenzo Marchelle, Artistic Director of the Attilio Artistic Team, plays with the idea that a person's image can be the result of a marvellous and entertaining art, in which hair becomes the protagonist. Discover bold cuts, flamboyant colours, wigs and hairstyles that look like real sculptures.

Essential Looks in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional brought on the catwalk a return to the origins with natural styles and textures, in colour soft shades for long hair and nuances in honey and gold tones with sensual auburn and apricot shades. Rewatch the show here.
The mullet was also the star of the show "Opposite Attraction" created by Brelil. Curly hair is not just a trend but a reality. For Gen-Z, curly hair is no longer an impediment to a mullet, a shag, a bob, or a short fringe. The mullet is in all its versions without gender identity.
Even for men's fashion, trends see a return to the past. American Crew Italia presented "Ac-iD" and its new looks inspired by the return of British fashion and the '90s look, in particular the old bob revisited in a masculine key.


The classic elegance of Renaissance beauty inspired extremely feminine and timeless looks that reflect the sophistication of modern, self-conscious women.

The show "Double Allure in Venice" by MY.ORGANICS brings us back in Venice and its classic elegance, typical of the Renaissance beauty. The Artistic Director Richard Phillipart reinvented textures, lenghts and styles to readapt them to contemporary society.

Filippo Sepe in collaboration with Poliestetico in Milan are inspired by the Italian Neo-Renaissance, which combines the refinement of the gathered hair, class and elegance, expressed through the use of techniques and the balanced composition of shapes. The result is incredible hairstyles that enhance every woman's features. Relive the show here.
The Blond Club team in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional celebrated women and their beauty. The "Volupta" underlined the importance of a conscious and modern vision of femininity. Cashmere, butter and peach colours are evocative of enveloping sensations and a soft, warm light: the shades, unprecedented in their interpretation, offer a seductive alternative to the classic cold shades of blond. Discover the collection.

Femininity and elegance were the stars of the show "The Essential Beauty" by Now Progressional Team in collaboration with Alfaparf Milano Professional. The trends presented are mainly aimed at women who love clean, soft lines, with deliberately lived-in styling coming in pastel colours that enhance femininity in absolute simplicity.


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Finally, nature, respect for the environment and the dramatic reality of climate change also inspired the artistic teams present at On Hair, with shows that spotlight issues that are as important as they are topical.

The looks in "Blooming Dream" show  by Revlon Professional are inspired to nature amd the colour palette will encourage our women to express themselves creatively and boldly. 
Nature has been a source of artistic inspiration but also for creating new formulas and more sustainable ingredients for the environment. Michele Rinaldi, Founder Acconciature Michele Rinaldi, presented its revolutionary method for colouring hair based on pure dye plants, free of any chemical ingredients, created with total respect for the environment. Relive the show here.
In his show "KAOS", Gea Academy spoke of the great instability experienced today by the world's populations, who face wars, natural catastrophes and revolutions. In this context where nature rebels with all its might, the call is immediate for the respect we must have for our planet to give our great-grandchildren a better future.
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